Claudia Fontes – Foreigners

Posted by Fabio 15 March 2018

Foreigners is a series of small figures, which I began to make in response to the English landscape that surrounds me and to my cultural understanding of it as a foreigner. I generally find the images out of which they are born during walks in the nearby forest and in the field that begins as soon as I cross the street where I live. During these walks, I concentrate in observing the process of transformation, interaction and the mechanisms of adaptation that happen amongst the creatures that share this particular bio-political system: foxes, badgers, deer, rabbits, dogs, horses, ravens, seagulls, robins, humans, trees, flowers and rocks.

The figures are made of English porcelain and are the size of my hand. The choice of scale, material, and the care put in its fragile construction are an attempt to denaturalize and question the validity of the use of “foreigner”, a word used popularly in England in a pejorative and discriminatory sense._Claudia Fontes