Clara Claus – Disclosure

Posted by Fabio 7 June 2019

Clara Claus is a French multimedia artist based in Paris. Her varied practices include drawing, painting, installation, video, as well as performance via collaboration with musicians through the composition of graphic scores.

She’s invested in the idea that visual art and mark making are ways to explore and articulate the invisible. Through her multimedia practice she confronts different aspects of the real, and their distorted forms such as memory, sentiment and imagination, with the intention to reveal what is sometimes less obvious or tangible, and construct narratives through perception.

Disclosure is part of the artist’s larger project Presage: multiple series of intuitive drawings, compositions revealing an undefined substance from within. The series are created in given places on short amounts of time, becoming testimonies of an experience, whether it’s a US trip through the West, a moment in Paris or a residency in New York.