O.Z. Diary by Olivier Zahm

Posted by Fabio 8 October 2014

Olivier Zahm, founder of Purple magazine, chronicles the world around him in nonstop photographs. And what a world it is, replete with daring models, counter-cultural artists and performers, and the hip denizens of Paris, New York, LA and more. read more

Sandro Mille: Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich

Posted by Fabio 6 October 2014

In 2013, Sandro Miller decided to do a project honoring the men and women whose photographs helped shape his career. After selecting thirty-five images to emulate, Sandro contacted John Malkovich, who instantly agreed to participate. read more

Todd Baxter

Posted by Fabio 15 September 2014

After studying photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture at the University of New Mexico, in his hometown of Albuquerque, Todd Baxter spent two years teaching photography and art in the Albuquerque public school system. read more

Yung Cheng Lin

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2014

The Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin aka ‘3cm’ presents the female body in unusual, erotic and sometimes absurd ways. read more

Joanna Piotrowska – Frowst

Posted by Fabio 30 June 2014

Joanna Piotrowska’s uncomfortable album, a series of staged family shots, insists upon the fundamental anxiety at the heart of the family: its system of relationships, adamantine bonds that are equally oppressive and rewarding. read more

Twenty Journey

Posted by Fabio 19 June 2014

Twenty Journey by photographer Sean Metelerkamp, Sipho Mpongo and Wikus de Wet, is a visual project investigating twenty years of democracy contextualized under the complexities of ‘born-free’/land/idiosyncrasies. read more

Jess Bonham – Body Builder

Posted by Fabio 19 June 2014

A personal project by London-based photographer Jess Bonham with set designer, Anna Lomax. Using the human body as a structural starting point Jess and Anna set out to create a series of images experimenting with the arrangement of additional materials and objects. read more

Jasmine Deporta – Sofasafari

Posted by Fabio 17 June 2014

Sofasafari a series by Bolzano/Italy based photographer, Jasmine Deporta. read more