O.Z. Diary by Olivier Zahm

Posted by Fabio 8 October 2014

Olivier Zahm, founder of Purple magazine, chronicles the world around him in nonstop photographs. And what a world it is, replete with daring models, counter-cultural artists and performers, and the hip denizens of Paris, New York, LA and more. read more

Bureau Mirko Borsche

Posted by Fabio 12 December 2013

Bureau Mirko Borsche is a graphic design studio founded in 2007 by Mirko Borsche. Renowned for its versatility, the studio’s signature design is a content-driven approach based on the idea of design as a source for learning, understanding and joy. read more

Letter to Jane: Shadows

Posted by Fabio 3 November 2013

Letter to Jane is an independent arts magazine for the iPad that lets you discover some of the best artists and entertainers of our time. Nominated for Design Museum’s “Design of the Year” and featured in the major international show “Graphic Design: Now in Production” by The Walker Art Center and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. read more

Cat People Magazine #1

Posted by Fabio 31 October 2013

Cat People is a bilingual (english/japanese) magazine created by graphic designer Jessica Lowe and photographer Gavin Green. It features 146 pages of interviews & work by cat-obsessed artists, designers, photographers & writers. read more

The Death Centenary of Baron Corvo

Posted by Fabio 30 October 2013

In a celebration of Frederick Rolfe’s life and work upon the 100th anniversary of his death, Boo-Hooray is hosting one-day exhibition of first editions and rare publications. read more

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts 1962-1965

Posted by Fabio 28 October 2013

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was a literary magazine founded in 1962 by the poet Ed Sanders on the Lower East Side of New York City. read more

Intern Magazine

Posted by Fabio 25 October 2013

Intern Magazine is a new, bi-annual independant print publication concerned with interns and internships in the creative industries. The magazine has two main aims, the first of which is to provide a tactile showcase for the precocious talent currently working in these fields as interns or otherwise unpaid. read more


Posted by Fabio 23 October 2013

Eldorado is a new surf publication designed by Folch Studio featuring photography by Dizy Díaz and artwork by Ángela Palacios.