I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen

Posted by Fabio 24 May 2011

Oil paintings by Bali based artist I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen. read more


Posted by Fabio 23 May 2011

Described by Richard Dorment (The Daily Telegragh) as a ‘remarkable young painter’ Henry Hudson is rebellious in his treatment of traditional forms. His medium has predominantly been plasticine; in preparation he melts it over a heater turning it into a gloop which he can manipulate with his fingers as if it were oil paint.

Jan Freuchen

Posted by Fabio 23 May 2011

Norwegian artist Jan Freuchen (1979) lives and works in Oslo and Berlin. Shown here is “F.A.Q.” from 2010, 95 x 80 cm C-print, mounted on aluminum.


Ronit Baranga

Posted by Fabio 21 May 2011

Clay sculpture featuring human hands and cotton thread by Israeli artist, Ronit Baranga.


Annie Morris

Posted by Fabio 21 May 2011

The paintings, sculpture and collage of Annie Morris are obsessive, energetic and thoughtful. She is above all else a mark maker who uses the simplest of tools to make striking, often haunting images.


Laurence Owen

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2011

Laurence Owen uses painting to mix the mythic and the mundane. Alluring yet unsettling, each work contains a world filled with hollow pleasures and veiled truths, depicted in a style that looks deceptively naive.


Amdam Bainbridge

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2011

Amdam Bainbridge’s work uses model-making as a departure point for the production of detailed pencil drawings. Through drawing he is able to explore aspects of working and middle class suburbia along with the possibilities of representation in art.


Christian Hidaka

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2011

Artist Christian Hidaka is known for a distinctive visual vocabulary made of broad brush-strokes saturated by Technicolor palettes, recalling psychedelic design culture over the past forty years. His landscape paintings depict archaic and futuristic landscapes that combine styles and narratives whose conventions are partly inherited from Japanese prints. read more