Pastiche, Parody & Piracy

Posted by Fabio 19 June 2014

Artist Miriam Elia, Curator Camilla Ellingsen Webster and Cartoonist Jeremy Banx seek to demonstrate the importance of appropriation in art and satire. After the threat of Elia’s book ‘We Go to the Gallery’ being pulped by Penguin UK, the team were inspired to celebrate the historical creative act of ‘Pastiche, Parody and Piracy.’ read more

Anna Ladd – Things I Told the Internet, But Didn’t Tell My Mom

Posted by Fabio 19 June 2014

A series by Philadelphia-based fine art and portrait photographer, Anna Ladd, examining the way that daily blogging for the last six years has changed her concept of privacy. read more

The Human Factor

Posted by Fabio 17 June 2014

International artists confront the question of how we represent the ‘human’ today. The Human Factor surveys how artists over the past 25 years have reinvented figurative sculpture, looking back to earlier movements in art history and drawing on contemporary imagery. read more

Marta Marzal

Posted by Fabio 17 June 2014

A universe of lavish colors and floral motifs from Spanish painter and illustrator, Marta Marzal. read more

Shiva Ahmadi

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2014

Shiva Ahmadi was born in Tehran Iran in 1975. Her paintings explore the realms of religion and politics, and the powers associated around them. Her archetypal repertoire is full of elegance and folly, a search for reasons why corruption is the cancerous link between East and West. read more

Shoja Azari

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2014

Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1958, Shoja Azari is an artist and filmmaker who has lived in New York since 1983. His work has been exhibited globally, with solo shows throughout Europe and North America. read more

Sun Xun

Posted by Fabio 16 May 2014

Recent and past histories, intransigent conflicts and tensions, sequential flashes of hand-created images – these are the irrevocable features of Sun Xun’s artistic practice that fuses the line between art and animation. read more

Iris Apfel dresses for Matisse

Posted by Fabio 12 May 2014

Fashion icon Iris Apfel turns up the colour as she styles herself after Matisse. Interior designer and fashion doyenne, 92-year-old Iris Apfel draws inspiration from Matisse’s Cut-Outs to create a series of wonderful outfits in homage to the master of colour. read more