Simone Koller - Zurich

Simone Koller is an independent graphic designer based in Zurich. After moving to the Netherlands to participate in the program at Werkplaats Typografie, she recently moved back to Switzerland to start her own practice. read more

Rasmus Norlander - Zurich

Architectural photographer Rasmus Norlander has a background as a designer graduated form Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm. He mainly works with analog large format cameras and is specialized on architecture, constructions and landscape. read more

Jonas Hegi - Zurich

Jonas Hegi (b. 1987) is a designer graduated from the ZHdK (University of the Arts Zurich). He likes to work in different disciplines, namely graphic design but also typography, photography, film and motion design. At the moment he lives and works in Zurich, working on various projects and waiting for the summer. read more