Shibaura House (Shop) - Tokyo

Posted by Hiroshi Takizawa 14 April 2012

Shibaura House is a unique workshop space in an office district. The building was designed by Kazuyo Sejima, an architect who has often worked outside of Japan. The first floor has self-published zines from all over the world, sent in by small publishers. It's kind of like a park: there are tables and chairs that anyone can sit on while looking at the zines. It's free of charge. read more

TSUTAYA (Shop) - Tokyo

Posted by Saori Ichikawa 20 February 2012

TSUTAYA is a brand for rental movies and music. In 2011, the new TSUTAYA lanched in Daikanyama, Tokyo. They have a vast selection of art and design books. People enjoy to find books here and drinking coffee. read more

Sunshine City (Cinema) (Shop) (Hotel) (Attraction) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

Where do you think about this inkfish' home? He live in skyscraper building. That name is "Sunshine City". There are aquarium, observation deck, amusement park, theater, hotel, tailor's shop, restaurant, mansions…etc. It is like a small city! Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. My mother was born there and I grew up there, too. read more

Ayumi Books Store (Shop) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

Probably I think I spend money most in the life there. It is small store, but it is a sophisticated one. Especially there are good books of art and design. I go there four or five times a week. I wish they make the reward card!

Ayumi Books Store | 2-17-41 Hayamiya, Nerima-Ku | Tokyo