Icicles of Misotsuchi (Place) - Tokyo

Posted by Hiroshi Takizawa 14 April 2012

These are the Icicles of Misotsuchi in Oku-chichibu. They are built up very slowly by water dripping down. The best time to see these icicles is during the coldest part of the year, from about the middle of January to the middle of February. They're located in the in the Arakawa headwaters. read more

Mt.Nikko Shirane (Place) - Tokyo

Posted by Yosuke Yajima 5 March 2012

This mountain is known as one of the top one hundred famous mountains in Japan. And is one of the highest mountains in the Tokyo area. I went mountaineering at the end of last autumn, and felt cold at the summit. read more

Fiber Art Studio (Place) - Tokyo

Posted by Saori Ichikawa 20 February 2012

Fiber Art Studio designs and produces hand tufted rugs, bath linens, bed linens, cushions, room wear and so on. All of Fiber Art Studio’s products are made in Japan. read more

Tama Art University (Place) (Academy) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

I have a picnic with friends at every early summer. Our university has a good garden. There is a good spot for picnic. The class of my university start at night. We eat, drink, sing, dance, and finally go for a class. read more

Yamada’s House by Shibuya (Place) - Tokyo

Posted by Mari Kojima 8 February 2012

My friend, Yamada’s house. He is an editor for some big magazine company and he has so many mangas and also has a wii and an xbox360, which is a total paradise for me.

Yamada’s House by Shibuya | Denen-Toshi Line, Ikejiri-Ohashi Station | Tokyo