Salon de Cafe (Cafe) - Tokyo

Posted by Hiroshi Takizawa 14 April 2012

This is Salon de Cafe, where my friend brought me for my birthday. There is a sense of quality in this modern, welcoming shop. The service and atmosphere are also very good. The strawberry parfait in this cafe is very delicious. Please check it out once! read more

Omiya Pastry Shop (Cafe) - Tokyo

Posted by Hiroshi Takizawa 14 April 2012

Omiya Pastry Shop is an open self-service shop, with an atmosphere of unique and elegant calm, reasonable prices, and a basic flavor. The space and the taste is satisfactory on every count. The interior gives me the feeling that I've gone back in time to Japan's Showa period. read more

Coconara (Cafe) - Tokyo

Posted by Takahiro Kimura 15 October 2011

Daikanyama is a fashionable town which attracts young people. There are many stylish cafes. Coconara, a cafe & dining, is the place where they can enjoy art while they are eating and drinking. In the shop, there are tables which various artists have decorated. Artworks of the featured artist are displayed on the walls. read more