Fuji Wind Cave (Attraction) - Tokyo

Posted by Yosuke Yajima 5 March 2012

This cave at the foot of Mt. Fuji is located in the spread of volcanic rocks, surrounded by sea of trees where compass is no use. The temperatures drop suddenly, and you will not be able to stay inside the cave for long. read more

Umezu’s House (Attraction) (Architecture) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

This was a tour visit to Umezu's house in Kichijoji. He is the one of most famous cartoonist. The walls are painted in red and white horizontal-striped, Makoto-chan (character of his comics) is on the roof. It became a sightseeing spot in Kichijoji from the day it was built. The dress code of this day follow in his trademark. This house is full of a sense of fun and love for his character. read more

Sunshine City (Cinema) (Shop) (Hotel) (Attraction) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

Where do you think about this inkfish' home? He live in skyscraper building. That name is "Sunshine City". There are aquarium, observation deck, amusement park, theater, hotel, tailor's shop, restaurant, mansions…etc. It is like a small city! Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. My mother was born there and I grew up there, too. read more

Kiyomasa’s Well (Attraction) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

This well in Meiji jingu is called "the power spots" from people recently. It was made by the military commander Kiyomasa Kato. It is not been dry from the Edo Period till today. So it is said that the well has good luck. People set up the photo of the well on their screen saver. Of course also me. read more