Tokyo Tower (Architecture) - Tokyo

Posted by Masatoshi Amemiya 1 March 2012

The Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo, and also it's sending electromagnetic waves such as television waves. In other words, if it wasn't for this tower Japan wouldn't be enlightened with important news and truth from the outside world. At 332.5 metres, it is the second tallest artificial structure in Japan. read more

Umezu’s House (Attraction) (Architecture) - Tokyo

Posted by Mariko Sakaguchi 16 February 2012

This was a tour visit to Umezu's house in Kichijoji. He is the one of most famous cartoonist. The walls are painted in red and white horizontal-striped, Makoto-chan (character of his comics) is on the roof. It became a sightseeing spot in Kichijoji from the day it was built. The dress code of this day follow in his trademark. This house is full of a sense of fun and love for his character. read more