Hiroshi Takizawa - Tokyo

Hiroshi Takizawa is a Tokyo based photographer who graduated from Mejiro University Faculty of Human Sciences Department of Psychological Counseling in 2006. Recently Hiroshi was awarded the Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2012. "The reason why I take pictures is probably due to my desire to know about the root of everything. Of course, there is always more than one essence to things, and opinions differ depending on where you stand. read more

Yosuke Yajima - Tokyo

Yosuke Yajima, has won a prize in 1_WALL, the photo competition in Japan. He later held several solo exhibitions and also participated in group exhibitions inland. As an office worker, he has been producing his works at a place where you can be close to changes in both structure of Japanese culture and common sense. His works can be seen in Tinyvices, the web site of the world-famous curator, Tim Barber, USA. read more

Masatoshi Amemiya - Tokyo

Masatoshi Amemiya aka MA is an artist, painter and graffiti-artist representing Tokyo. Born in Japan 1985 and has been painting and raising his middle finger ever since. He held his first solo exhibition "BORN IN JAPAN [F*** you, I won't do what you tell me]"24 Feb to 29 Feb 2012 in Tokyo. He likes Ai Wei Wei a little bit. read more

Saori Ichikawa - Tokyo

Saori Ichikawa is 26 years old, lives in Japan as a textile designer. She studied textile design in Tokyo and Stockholm. She has been designing woven and tufted rugs. Her graduation work ‘Patina rug’ is now exhibited at Talking Textile in Stockholm until 15 April 2012. Since 2011, she is currently a Textile designer at FIBER ART STUDIO in Tokyo, Japan. read more

Mariko Sakaguchi - Tokyo

Mariko Sakaguchi is a Tokyo based art photographer who studied at the Hongik University of Art Korea, and at the department of Moving Image and Performing Arts at Tama Art University, Tokyo. Artist Statement: "I am making art works by using photography. I am trying to cross the sense of private and public, and also now and past by taking bath in old style Japanese bathtub and stepping into photography by myself, You can see I take bath anywhere, read more

Mari Kojima - Tokyo

Mari Kojima was born in Shimane, Japan, but since then has spent time on and off living abroad. Because of a family crisis at home, she returned back to Japan in 2008, and soon after discovered photography as a means to express the inner turmoil and happiness that exists within her. Besides taking photos, she has worked as a fashion designer assistant, curator, FM radio DJ, project manager, event planner. read more

Takahiro Kimura - Tokyo

Takahiro Kimura is a Japanese animator, illustrator and character designer based in Tokyo. Takahiro studied technology of painting and graphic design at Salesian Polytechnic, as well as drawing, landscape painting and fashion drawing at Setsu Mode Seminar. In 2003 Takahiro created a group of web and television collage animation characters collectively called Kimsnake. read more