Andrea Andersson - Stockholm

I moved to Stockholm about one year ago when I started studying Visual Communication at Beckmans College of Design. After living in super friendly Malmö for three years I feared it would be hard to settle in. It wasn't. Starting in a new school is probably the best way of getting to know people. Especially when it is a small and intense one like Beckmans. read more

Martin Hultén - Stockholm

Martin Hultén is a photographer and artist. He is mainly known for his tender and quirky depictions of people in his native Sweden - his past works include a series of portraits of men looking into the camera while simultaneously being caressed on the cheek, as well as several different projects looking at mans relation with nature, and videos exploring the border between still and motion. read more

Oskar Kron - Stockholm

After spending close to nine years in the UK, I am now based in Sweden, currently working as a Senior Designer at KurppaHosk in Stockholm. read more

Felix Odell - Stockholm

Living in stockholm. I started my career by assisting many of Swedens top photographers. In the beginning I was intrigued by fashion but over the years my course has changed towards a new more personal photography, holding a slower, more thoughtfull expression. I try to tell subtle stories that has a personal connection. read more