Jenny Odell - San Francisco

Jenny Odell is a Bay Area native/captive who makes art from Google satellite imagery. (Portentiously, Odell was born not 6 miles from where the Google Headquarters would eventually be.) Her work attempts to bring into focus the specificity and fragility of human existence by cataloguing its structures: swimming pools, parking lots, billboards, etc. read more

Mimi Cave - San Francisco

Mimi Cave is a Director, Producer, and Dancer based in San Francisco. She was born and raised outside of Chicago, and has a background comprised of dance, film, stage, music, and yoga. Her short films have premiered at the SF International Women's Film Festival, Napolidanza in Milan, SF Dance Film Festival, Dance On Camera at Tempe Center for the Arts, and on PBS. read more

Michael Gillette - San Francisco

Michael Gillette is a British born San Francisco based artist, who has spent the last 20 years translating the visceral thrill of music in to arresting images. He has been sought  out by  many including  Beck, The Beastie Boys, MGMT and Paul McCartney. He is currently working on a Monograph "Drawn in Stereo " to be published in 2012. read more

Kelly Allen - San Francisco

I live in San Francisco with my husband Jay, in a tiny apartment in the Mission District. As a new girl to the city, I love exploring the different pockets and neighborhoods, sniffing all of the rose bushes and dodging the piles of human detritus on the sidewalks of the Mission. In addition to painting and drawing, I am a freelance illustrator and writer. read more