Sadaharu Aoki (Cafe) - Paris

Posted by Noemi Schipfer 13 April 2012

Strawberry mousse with pistache cream inside, the Saya by Sadaharu Aoki is my favourite cake. Sadaharu Aoki have two patisseries in Paris, 35 Rue de Vaugirard near the Luxembourg park, and 56 Boulevard de Port Royal in the 5 arrondissement. read more

Le Bal (Cafe) (Gallery) - Paris

Posted by Neil Atherton 28 March 2012

Opened in 2011 by the people at Magnum Photo Agency (their Paris bureau is a few streets away), Le Bal is an institutional exhibition space dedicated to the documentary image. For the most part that means lots of photography exhibits but they like to mix up the shows with videos and especially books. read more

Rooftop at Le Printemps (Shop) (Cafe) - Paris

Posted by Neil Atherton 28 March 2012

Climb your way up the escalators to the 9th floor of the Printemps department store (the Beauté & Maison building) for possibly one of the best panoramic views of Paris. read more

Le Daguerre (Cafe) - Paris

Posted by Mathilde de Malleray 16 February 2012

This is my favourite brasserie. Very close to my school, I often have lunch there. Every dish is delicious (no surprise there!) and service very nice. A great place for some traditional French cooking! read more

Chloés (Cafe) - Paris

Posted by Sarah Kahn 11 June 2011

Chloe was in Penninghen with me and one day, she told me "I will stop doing graphic design, I want to cook cupcakes and get my own cupcake shop!." It's working very well for her and the shop is amazing, like and old sixties deli, all is pink, like a doll house. read more