Noemi Schipfer - Paris

Noemi Schipfer graduated from the graphic design highschool Estienne in Paris. As an illustrator she published her first children’s book last January and the second one will be released by the end of August. She also make illustrations for magazines and book covers, and has recently set up a new agency in collaboration with architect Takami Nakamoto to create architectural installations. read more

Neil Atherton - Paris

Neil Atherton is a Paris-based photographer and curator from the UK. He has called Paris home for over a decade and still speaks French with an English accent. His personal photography is based almost uniquely on the use of out-of-date film and explores the physical effects of time on memory. He has a large camera collection of ‘70s rangefinders and compacts from the ‘80s and organizes the biannual photography festival Mois de a Photo-OFF. read more

Tom Moglu - Paris

Tom Moglu is a UK artist based in France, working in abstract paper collage. He has moved around in the last few years via Bristol-London-Cornwall-Berlin-Norfolk and Paris, looking at floors, doors and shores and picking up scrap paper along the way. His background as a painter, model animator, and illustrator informs the balance, colour and tactile nature of the collages. He is currently starting to branch out into ceramics, print and textiles. read more

Peter Schäfer - Paris

Peter Schäfer is a Designer from Germany, who currently lives in Paris. A city like a tight, snobby sinkhole with an ancient absorbing charm of generations of legendary artists, energetic places, fantastic Pain au chocolat and fashion. read more

Mathilde de Malleray - Paris

I was born in Saint-Jean d'Angély in the western part of France 23 years ago. I am in my finale year at École Camondo (Paris 14th arrondissement). I'm studying design and interior architecture. I like to work on public space, playing with landscapes and observing my surroundings. I try to travel as much as possible to discover new cultures and find inspiration for new uses and forms. read more

Gilles Poplin - Paris

Gilles Poplin is a graphic designer, typeface designer and creative director for press and media groups. He also teaches graphic design and art direction at ESAG, Atelier Met de Penninghen, Paris. read more

Candice Milon - Paris

Candice Milon is a french photographer. She is graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Marseille. In 2006, she moved in Paris to study studio photography at the Gobelins. She is represented by Figure. read more

Theo Gennitsakis - Paris

Theo Gennitsakis is a Paris based illustrator and art director, two years ago he founded his own agency La Surprise. Theo has worked for major brands such as Nike, Hermes, Adidas, Chanel and Motorola to name a few. His main inspiration are girls as he think they are the most beautiful thing in the world. read more