Dylan’s Candy Store (Shop) - Los Angeles

Posted by Dana Boulos 22 December 2013

Dylan's Candy Store is located in the heart of the Grove. You can find the any kind of candy you can imagine. I always feel like a little kid in that store and attack the teeth gummy. read more

Le Pink & Co Store (Shop) - Los Angeles

Posted by Dana Boulos 22 December 2013

One of my favorite Girly Stores in Los Angeles. Not only is the place known for its amazing decor but they sell such amazing french soaps. The perfect store for wanting to celebrate being a woman. read more

Mount Analog (Shop) - Los Angeles

Posted by Luke Mele 5 November 2013

A place for “the everyday curious and adventure seeker.” New and used records, books, clothing, art, film, etc. Amazing selections. They also throw the best parties in LA. read more

Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee (Shop) - Los Angeles

Posted by Jennifer Juniper Stratford 21 February 2012

The greatest video store in the world! With 72,000 VHS tapes in their collection, they have dedicated themselves to the art of losing yourself in a great movie and pride themselves on their vast collection of rare and oddball films. As Blockbuster video stores have begun to go out of business, Eddie Brandt's still lives!!!! read more

Fashion District (Shop) - Los Angeles

Posted by Seth Armstrong 10 February 2012

Need some socks? Need some pants? Bacon wrapped hot dogs? Remote control helicopter? A rabbit? Look no further than the Fashion District, L.A.'s version of a Turkish Bazaar. I keep my studio here, too. read more

Marc Jacobs Bookmarc (Shop) - Los Angeles

Posted by Elias Tahan 9 January 2012

Small book store with really hard to find photography and art books. Love their collection of stuff as well as presentation.

Marc Jacobs Bookmarc | 8407 Melrose Pl, CA 90069 | Los Angeles