My rooftop (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Gijs van der Most 26 February 2012

I hang around on the rooftop to relax. Los Angeles traffic is crazy so this is a good place to calm down and try to find my zen. The view is great and I love the rooftop Neon signs you can see from here. read more

Gehry and Downtown LA at Night (Place) (Area) - Los Angeles

Posted by Ivan Bernal 13 February 2012

The view from my window of the concert hall and downtown LA is a great experience as an outside perspective of the city life at night.

Downtown LA | 701-899 W 2nd St | Los Angeles

Beachwood Canyon Trail (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Seth Armstrong 10 February 2012

If you make it to the top, you can get an incredible 360 degree view of practically all of Los Angeles. Below you to the South is Hollywood, and beyond that, on a clear day, you can see over a hundred miles of mini malls all the way to Mexico. To the West on your right go the hills until they turn into mountains and meet the Pacific Ocean. read more

My Back Porch (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Seth Armstrong 10 February 2012

I consistently spend a lot of time here. It's the most relaxing place in the city.

My Back Porch | Silverlake District | Los Angeles

Mural at The Farmer Johns Factory (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Matthew Brandt 31 January 2012

Mural at the farmer Johns factory in vernon. Pictures of pigs in tranquility painted all over the outside walls that enclose their own meat slicing and sales.

Farmer Johns Factory | 3049 E. Vernon Avenue | Los Angeles

Salton Sea (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Mattia Casalegno 25 January 2012

Salton Sea is not technically LA, but is a by-product of its history and my first-choice escape from the city: one of the world's largest inland seas and lowest spots on earth, a man-made lake in the midst of the Colorado desert, a resort area in the twenties turned in one of the worst ecological disaster of the past century. read more

Golden State Freeway (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Mattia Casalegno 25 January 2012

LA wouldn't be LA without its Freeways. The Golden State Freeway is one of the most familiar places I have. It's my studio, living room, and kitchen all togheter. I can eat a sandwich, make phone calls and check my emails on the go, and even read the newspaper when it's jammed, basically all the time. read more

Downtown Arts District (Place) - Los Angeles

Posted by Hassan Rahim 15 January 2012

This neighborhood is my home. Since I moved here 2 years ago there has been so much improvement in the area. I am walking distance from the art supply store, gourmet beer, korean barbecue, and every major freeway. I am the perfect distance from everything without being in the metropolitan epicenter. Image taken at Wurstkuche. read more