LA Freeways (Other) - Los Angeles

Posted by Matthew Brandt 31 January 2012

Being in and around the freeways... especially Driving on the bridge that connects the 10 west fwy to the 405 south, over looking city landscape that should be cherished because it is a fleeting moment that only lasts a few seconds. read more

Driving in the snow (Other) - Los Angeles

Posted by Hassan Rahim 15 January 2012

This happened last winter— due to extreme climate changes there was a rare snowfall in the hills of Los Angeles. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen snow, nonetheless driven in it. I was playing "I Love You" by Takehiko Honda while driving through Hollywood Hills and Griffith Park. I will never forget it. read more

Sunset Bike Lane (Other) - Los Angeles

Posted by Hassan Rahim 15 January 2012

This is the fast track from downtown to Hollywood. I get all my exercise here, it has the perfect amount of hills and is the by far the safest bike route, as motorists are more used to the cyclists than other streets. Anything you can think of is on Sunset Blvd, so I can pick up my dry cleaning, eat lunch, visit my friends, and exercise all in one trip. read more