The Bunny Museum (Museum) - Los Angeles

Posted by Jennifer Juniper Stratford 21 February 2012

Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski met at a weekly single’s discussion group called "Seminars for Singles" in Pasadena, California run by therapist, Liz Hargrove. They both had joined this and other dating services looking for each other. In 1993, Steve gave his girlfriend, Candace a white, plush bunny that held a heart with the banner, “I Love You This Much” because Candace called him her "Honey Bunny". read more

Central Garden (Museum) - Los Angeles

Posted by Mattia Casalegno 25 January 2012

Robert Irwin spent 4 years designing what he called "a sculpture in the form of a garden, which aims to be art". More than 500 varieties of plant material are used, and the selection is always changing, as testaments of what Irwin itself said: "art doesn't reside in the object but in the moment." read more

The Museum of Jurassic Technology (Museum) - Los Angeles

Posted by Eric Yahnker 10 January 2012

There is absolutely no reason to go to this museum, which is the very reason why you should go! If you're stuck on run-of-the-mill, socially-relevant, highly-educational museum experiences, then Chuck E. Cheese would be more enlightening, but if your idea of a good afternoon is sifting through hand-made treasures at an alzheimer patients rummage sale, then I've got your spot! read more

Lacma (Museum) - Los Angeles

Posted by Elias Tahan 9 January 2012

Right by my apartment, I can't help but come here often. It's situated right around the historic La Brea Tar Pits. One needs to spend an entire day here. Also love their magazine/book store.

LACMA | 6067 Wilshire Boulevard, CA 90036 | Los Angeles