The Magic Castle (Club) (Academy) - Los Angeles

Posted by Jennifer Juniper Stratford 21 February 2012

The Magic Castle is a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as "the most unusual private club in the world." A typical evening features several close up magic and stage illusions. Formal dress is strictly enforced and you must either be a member or be invited by a magician. read more

The Smell (Club) - Los Angeles

Posted by Eric Yahnker 10 January 2012

The Smell is a non-profit, all-ages music venue who's run the gamut of completely rad and completely shitty acts, but is doubtlessly an interesting and worthy place to use up a pair of earplugs. After all, it's not everyday you see a dude shred his fucking face apart playing an amplified shard of glass! read more