Poti Poti (Shop) - Berlin

Posted by Jessica Polar 23 October 2013

If you like fashion then this is the place to be. The label was founded in 2005 by Nando and Silvia, two spanish designers. I like this place because I love the wool coats and the patterns they create. They support local industry and that is a top of the top for me. read more

Atellier Stores (Shop) - Berlin

Posted by Virginia Echeverria 28 January 2012

Beautiful atellier-stores around weserstrasse, this is from a very nice girl that make "sculpure hats" as she said. Excellent record store across the street also.

Atellier Stores | Weserstraße 53, 12045, Neukölln | Berlin

Window Shopping (Shop) - Berlin

Posted by Virginia Echeverria 28 January 2012

Interesting and surreal window shopping around Neukolln.

window shopping | Flughafenstr 32 | Berlin

Soluna bakery (Shop) - Berlin

Posted by Marc Philip van Kempen 16 January 2012

Soluna bakery is where I get my (delicious) bread.

Soluna bakery | Gneisenaustr. 58, 10961 | Berlin