Werder upon Havel (Place) (Lake) - Berlin

Posted by Jessica Polar 23 October 2013

I never heard about Havel until some friends and me checked out the google earth for a trip at the weekend. We went there in the german winter, oh yes...in the winter. I loved this place because is a small city island with a lake (which was frozen at that time) and with lovely houses and an old mill. read more

Home (Place) - Berlin

Posted by Jessica Polar 23 October 2013

This is the kind of world where I really feel safe. My Berlin home is the the place where my intimacy is, the place where I meet up friends, where I cook for them, where I love. It is the perfect shelter if I fall apart.. read more

Flughafen Tempelhof (Place) - Berlin

Posted by Marc Philip van Kempen 16 January 2012

Flughafen Tempelhof was once the symbol of nazi-pride when Hitler notoriously comissioned construction of the smallest duty free shop in the world (and a beautiful example of fascist architecture). After the war, Tempelhof became one of the frontiers of the cold war with the U.S. battling the communists (who undoubtedly wanted to get rid of the small duty free shop altogether) via the Berlin Airlift. read more

ICC Messegelände (Place) - Berlin

Posted by Lisa Wassmann 9 January 2012

25 years ago my father used to work here. I know they have a garden on top of the roof. It looks like a big spaceship, I love the futuristic design it has so many little details, I never get tired looking at it.

ICC Messegelände | Messedamm 22 Charlottenburg | Berlin

Teufelsberg (Place) - Berlin

Posted by Lisa Wassmann 9 January 2012

It is the highest place in Berlin and is made of wartrash. Translated Teufelsberg means "Devils Mountain". The whole area always reminds on how beautiful Berlin is: On one side you see the big city and when you turn around pitch black forrest. read more