Nightlife (Other) - Berlin

Posted by Jen Osborne 22 December 2013

Everyone knows Berlin is a mega party city, but it is not a generic type of party that is easily found in other cities. Berlin attracts a number or eccentric weirdos, and it is great to go people watching at nearly any venue within the city. This specific image reveals a dance party, featuring American Bounce musician Katey Red and her crew performing at Sudblock.

A View From The Tracks Outside Sonnennalle Ringbahn (Other) - Berlin

Posted by Jen Osborne 22 December 2013

I often go exploring into random and dilapidated areas of Berlin. I like the thrill of find new nooks and crannies with strange visual sites. A few months ago, an old housing colony was abandoned, and many opjects, such as couches and front doors, were left at the edge of the city to rot or to be scavenged. read more

Berlin in winter (Other) - Berlin

Posted by Stephan Tillmans 15 March 2012

The typical Berlin winter is biting cold and grey. In combination with the hardness of the city and the angry natives, it feels like a hostile area. Why it's worth experiencing it? Because that's the way this city is.