The Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden (Museum) - Berlin

Posted by Jessica Polar 23 October 2013

This place is like being in the Canary Islands, where my hometown is. The wonderful botanical garden has around 22.000 different plant species. I can find here all the tropical species from the island where i grew up: birds of Paradise, palms or dragon trees. read more

Hamburger Bahnhof (Museum) - Berlin

Posted by Virginia Echeverria 28 January 2012

Biospheres installation from Tomas Saraceno at the central hall of Hamburger Bahnof museum. Many of the works are accessible to visitors on the inside, giving a change to discover a new spatial situation. read more

Pergamon museum (Museum) - Berlin

Posted by Marc Philip van Kempen 16 January 2012

One of the most beautiful pieces of Berlin actually is a piece of another city (Al-Hillah, Iraq). Normally Berliners are laid back and like to hang around, drink beer and chat till sunrise. Sometimes they do get excited though, and then they start taking old war-battered stones and piecing them together to (re)form walls. read more