Jen Osborne - Berlin

Jen Osborne is a Canadian photographer whose work has been published and exhibited internationally. She was raised on Vancouver Island, in small-town Courtenay. Her career as a photographer was started by a yearlong work contract with Fabrica, the United COLORS of Benetton Research Centre, in 2008. Jennifer has an interest in portraying people who feel a need to escape. read more

Cristina Ara - Berlin

I was born and raised in Spain. I moved to Berlin some months ago and this city got a hold of my soul. I am trying to find my own path in life, wishing that Photography can be my thing. I think I am lost in many ways, but when I have a camera in my hands I feel good. read more

Jessica Polar - Berlin

I am mad about the forest, the fog, the sea. There is an halo in the details that appear in my photographs. Nothing is casual in the silence of melancholy living in the mood I capture. My private life affects the shoot. read more

Stephan Tillmans - Berlin

I moved to Berlin about six years ago and got a job at the props department of a theatre. During that time, I decided to take a degree in Communication Design. After three years of studying, I graduated writing a bachelor thesis about my photography project "Luminant Point Arrays". read more

Virginia Echeverria - Berlin

Hi, I am a chilean artist. I do collages with color papers, magazine cut ups, spray paint and little objects. I am trying to disperse some color around. Right now I am in Berlin at an artist residence. read more

Marc Philip van Kempen - Berlin

Marc Philip van Kempen (1979) is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam and Berlin. Much of his practice consists out of life-sized threedimensional reconstructions of media images that result in a kind of ‘spatial collage’. His work brings elements of photography, sculpture and new media together in unconventional ways, challenging the viewers perspective. read more

Lisa Wassmann - Berlin

Lisa Wassmann born and raised in WestBerlin, Germany in 1981, where she still lives and works. She has been a professional photographer for over six years. While during the last few years she traveled the globe for her photoshots, she now puts her focus on a new photographic project which contains her intimate personal view in and about the extremly fast changing city Berlin, which is beautiful and sad at the same time. read more