Elisabeth van Sandick - Amsterdam

Elisabeth is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. She has been fascinated with photography and aesthetics as well as searching for perfection and imperfection for as long as she can remember. Outdoors or on the information highway, she is always looking for images that impress or inspire her. read more

Simon Wald-Lasowski - Amsterdam

Simon Wald-Lasowski (Paris, 1980) is a freelance photographer and art director. He makes colorful, fun, twisted work by use of bricolage, word play and 'cliché bending'. Lighthearted at first sight, his images often reveal a certain depth on second inspection. His approach is always very personal, which blur the boundaries between autonomous and commissioned work. read more

Rutger de Vries - Amsterdam

My works can be described as ‘post-graffiti art’. The approach, attitude and application of my designs are heavily influenced by graffiti and street art. I am fascinated by today’s zeitgeist but am also critical about it. Street art is an art movement in which many inspiring things are happening and where I feel at home. With a spray I can visually express what I cannot do with a pencil. read more

Misha de Ridder - Amsterdam

Misha de Ridder (1971, Alkmaar, The Netherlands) lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. To search, to disclose and to write with light is what Misha de Ridder does in his landscape photos and videos. He does not seek the comfort zone of the beautiful and picturesque, but of the sublime. read more

Kim Boske - Amsterdam

My work can be described as a body of research in which different moments in time and space run together in a field that seems to embody a determination of time to present proof of it’s discrete, unique moments. I create stories that rise around the system of time and space. read more

Corriette Schoenaerts - Amsterdam

Corriette Schoenaerts is an artist who works primarily with photography. She works in the fields of autonomous, fashion and commercial photography refusing to draw any finite distinctions between these fields. read more

Martijn Sandberg - Amsterdam

The work of Amsterdam based visual artist Martijn Sandberg, constantly explores border areas, such as the tension between text and image, legibility and illegibility, the private and the public domain. “I make Image Messages, image is message is image.” The image hides the message. In the cut paintings „Sorry No Image Yet‟ and „Too Busy To Paint‟ there is a subtle play between the language of the image and the significance of the image, and this gives rise to questions. read more

Popel Coumou - Amsterdam

Popel Coumou lives and works in Amsterdam and studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her work consists out of analog photographs of collaged spaces that hint at human presence. Through her use of lighting she transforms the collages into 3 dimensional spaces that seem both natural and unhinged. read more