Barbara Nitke: American Ecstasy

Posted by Fabio 3 April 2014

One Eyed Jacks Gallery is pleased to announce the UK debut of American photographer Barbara Nitke. The show’s title American Ecstasy is taken from her recently published series of behind-the-scenes photographs of the American porn industry in the years 1982-1991. read more

Oswaldo Vigas – Transfiguration

Posted by Fabio 26 March 2014

Oswaldo Vigas is widely considered a living legend of Latin American modernism. This long overdue New York exhibition comprises 15 works that exemplify his signature combination of geometry, abstraction and Latin culture. read more

Trevor Jackson: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

Posted by Fabio 20 March 2014

Musician, DJ and famous art director Trevor Jackson’s exhibition represents the cultural importance and hidden beauty of vinyl recordings. A show about how experience changes us and the objects and environment around us. read more

The Emoji Art & Design Show

Posted by Fabio 13 December 2013

An examination of the emoji zeitgeist, The Emoji Art & Design Show features works of art and design selected through an open call. The works presented cover a wide range of mediums from digital prints, sculptures, video and performance art, tackling themes such as emotional ambiguity, symbology, and visual communication. read more

Dana Schutz

Posted by Fabio 2 December 2013

First UK solo exhibition of Dana Schutz, one of the most significant young contemporary artists in America. Renowned for her characteristically vibrantly coloured figurative paintings and tactile brushwork, Schutz creates imaginary worlds to explore hypothetical and absurd situations. read more

Richard Serra: Drawings for The Courtauld

Posted by Fabio 27 November 2013

Rising to prominence on the New York art scene more than forty years ago, Richard Serra is now celebrated internationally, notably for his groundbreaking sculptures and for his radical approach to drawing. Serra’s Drawings for The Courtauld are extraordinarily powerful works. read more

David Ostrowski – Yes Or Let’s Say No

Posted by Fabio 27 November 2013

Painter David Ostrowski will be opening his next exhibition, Yes Or Let’s Say No, at the Simon Lee gallery in London on 28th November. Film director Harmony Korine interviewed Ostrowski for the exhibition Press Release. read more

Leo Gabin – Tallahassee

Posted by Fabio 21 November 2013

Tallahassee is centered around Leo Gabin’s first feature film A Crackup At The Race Riots, based on the Harmony Korine novel of the same title. Composed entirely from appropriated, user generated found footage, there is no place for plot, linear narrative, character development, or scene setting in Leo Gabin’s video work. read more